Friday, August 31, 2007


It's purr-inducing to announce Galatea Resurrects' (GR) seventh issue. Among our special features is GR's first review of a poetry blog -- an honor that goes to Sawako Nakayasu's Insect Tutelage Blog. This is also a reminder that GR is open to engaging with all sorts of poetry projects, not just poetry books and chaps.

GR is an all-volunteer operation--and I'm grateful to the reviewers who are allowing GR to continue with the following stats:

Issue 1: 27 new reviews
Issue 2: 39 new reviews (one project was reviewed twice by different reviewers)
Issue 3: 49 new reviews (two projects were each reviewed twice)
Issue 4: 61 new reviews (one project was reviewed thrice, and three projects were each reviewed twice)
Issue 5: 56 new reviews (four projects were each reviewed twice)
Issue 6: 56 new reviews (1 project was reviewed twice)
Issue 7: 51 new reviews

While no poetry project received more than one review in this issue, this issue does present reviews of some titles already reviewed in prior issues -- something GR encourages as we believe the same poem(s) can elicit different (and, as the saying goes, equally valid) responses from different readers. Thus, with this issue, we note that Ernesto Priego's hay(na)ku poetry collection Not Even Dogs now has the honor of being most reviewed to date by different GR reviewers.

Of this issue's reviews/engagements, the following were generated from review copies sent to Galatea Resurrects:

Issue 1: 9 out of 27 new reviews
Issue 2: 25 out of 39 new reviews
Issue 3: 27 out of 49 new reviews
Issue 4: 41 out of 61 new reviews
Issue 5: 34 out of 56 new reviews
Issue 6: 35 out of 56 new reviews
Issue 7: 41 out of 51 new reviews

So I continue to encourage publishers and authors to send in review copies. Reflecting the logistical support of the internet, reviewers from around the world are paying attention. For information on submission and review copies, go check out Galatea's Purse.


Your editor is "blind" and, at the time of putting this issue to bed, jet-lagging. So there can be typos or other errors in the presentation of the articles. Please feel free to let me know. Given Blogger's format, I can make corrections easily to the engagements.


Let me briefly discuss Mom who contributes a review in this issue. Following my father's death just over a year ago, my mother came to live with me here in St. Helena. One of the challenges I've dealt with since her arrival is trying to ensure she feels at home here in a new house in a new city, and that she thrives in a new place far from long-time friends and acquaintances.

Frankly, my suggestion that she do a review of some poetry books was just one of many attempts on my part to interest her in a new activity as she becomes accustomed to her new residence. I never expected the outcome that you can read in her review of Luis Cabalquinto's poetry collection, Bridgeable Shores. Obviously, it goes to the power of poetry. And so, to Mr. Luis Cabalquinto -- a heartfelt thanks to you for writing poems that had such a positive impact on my mother and her world-view for the rest of her life.


And for the special component of GR's audience who appreciates that I undertook this project in part to create an e-photo album for my dogs, I give you Achilles and Gabriela giving a Howl Out with:

With much Love, Fur and Poetry,

Eileen Tabios
St. Helena, CA
August 31, 2007


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